Hatfield, Herts, 23 March 2022 – PayByPhone, the global leader in mobile parking payments, announces today a change in its UK and global leadership as the company shifts away from its regional organisation to a new global leadership structure, which comes into effect on 1 April 2022.

New global structure

The new global structure focuses on supporting the company’s three key customer groups - clients, such as cities, local authorities and parking operators; corporate, including fleets and businesses; and consumers, the drivers who use PayByPhone’s services. 

Three experienced PayByPhone leaders will be stepping up to lead each of these, with product and development teams also organised to support this structure. This dedicated approach underpins the company’s strong 60% year-over-year growth and on-going ambitious targets, while ensuring operational excellence across all areas of business.

PayByPhone CEO Andy Gruber says, “Moving to a global, customer-focused organisation will allow our customer groups to benefit from dedicated teams and a more tailored approach to their distinct requirements. We know that our cities and parking operators, our corporate customers and our 50 million app users all have specific needs, and we want to reflect this in our global organisation. This new global structure will guarantee that each of our customer groups can continue to enjoy our services and concentrate on what matters most to them.”

In the context of this new global structure, Jonny Combe, who has been UK CEO since November 2018, is promoted to lead the global corporate division as CEO Corporate. He oversees a strong team across North America, Europe and the UK, as they look to expand the fleet business globally with the recently launched PayByPhone Business, a solution designed to simplify parking for fleet managers and companies with on-the-go workforces. Since its launch in 2021, PayByPhone Business has grown more than 250%, helping to give businesses a much-needed solution to manage complex fleet parking issues and to save precious time for both drivers and fleet managers. 

Combe says, “I am delighted at the opportunity ahead of me. Our ethos is built on the premise that we are here to simplify the journey for our customers. Nowhere is that more evident than with our fleet customers.”

Roamy Valera, a 30-year veteran in the industry, becomes Chief Client Officer in charge of PayByPhone’s more than 1,300 clients globally. His goal is to build upon the company’s recent expansion – client numbers have increased by 20% over the course of 2021 alone. One global client team, focusing on expansion and client success, will ensure not only more places for drivers to park across the globe, but also enhanced experiences for clients. Valera was previously PayByPhone’s CEO of North America.

Ryan St Hilaire, PayByPhone’s Vice President, Product, will oversee the global Consumer division in addition to overseeing all product work. His focus is firmly on the customer experience and ensuring that PayByPhone continues to simplify the journey for the motorist in more than 1,200 cities around the world. Leading design, product marketing and product management teams, St Hilaire will be diving into the needs and desires of PayByPhone’s millions of quarterly active users, uncovering and building the features and services that can best support their journeys.

Valera, Combe, and St Hilaire report directly to Gruber.

UK leadership changes

Together with Combe’s promotion, Anthony Cashel, who was Marketing and Operations Director and has been with PayByPhone since October 2017, is promoted to UK Managing Director. 

He will oversee all day-to-day business matters, safeguard the company culture and ensure the engagement of all staff in the UK. Alongside his leadership team, he will develop, implement and advance the business’ strategic objectives as it works to meet its ambitious growth targets. 

Cashel says, “This is an exciting time for PayByPhone as we continue to grow and to develop solutions and benefits for our clients and customers. Leading a mature, competitive market like the UK, while at the same focusing our energies on continuous improvement and growth, is going to be an exciting opportunity, and one that I will relish.”