Our customer support centre is vital to the service we provide. Jodi Miller, our Operations Director, gives you an insight into our busy customer support centre and why it’s integral to help drivers with a wide range of parking queries.

Every day is different for our Customer Support Team. Whether we’re helping an 18-year-old to extend parking time from their smartphone app or speaking to a 93-year-old about how to use PayByPhone’s services for the first time when the pay-and-display machine isn’t working, no two days are ever the same. We speak to people of all ages and backgrounds – there isn’t a typical person who parks – 5,000 of them in fact each month. That definitely keeps our highly-experienced Customer Service Agents busy! And we must be doing something right! Eighty per cent of our customers report they are satisfied with their customer support team experience. Of course some people prefer to visit our online help centre at www.paybyphone.co.uk/help, where they can find answers to many frequently asked questions, but most still prefer to speak to a real person.

Our support centre is open 24/7, so we are available at any time of the day or night to speak to people about their parking problems, to manage queries and to offer assistance. No matter what issue a driver may have, our customer service team is ready to help, and we answer 90% of calls within 20 seconds. 

Customers ring the support centre for many different reasons. Even if it’s something beyond our control, our agents can quickly help by directing callers to the right place, whether that is providing a different number to call or website to visit. We get a lot of calls about refunds, which are often due to accidental data entry, in other words where the wrong details were provided. And people call us to ask why a parking meter isn’t working, or to report damage to a machine, neither of which unfortunately we can do much about as they don’t belong to us – they are the responsibility of the local authority or car park operator. 

People also call us about parking fines. We always explain that we don’t issue parking tickets, though almost everyone thinks we do! Tickets come from the car park operator or the local authority. But if it’s clear a customer has simply put the wrong registration number or location number; we can provide that evidence to the driver who can use it as part of their appeal against a parking fine. 

It’s easy to understand that drivers can find the lines blurred between the different operators who are involved in parking. For instance, there are mobile payment providers like us, there are companies who are authorised to give Penalty Charge Notices (basically parking tickets), local authorities who manage car parking spaces in a local borough, and private operators who control hospital or shopping centre car parks. It can be confusing. So, our agents do their utmost to help explain things as simply as they can, because we understand how important it is that callers receive the information they need.  

Another common support centre query relates to historical transactional data, particularly when people have used our cashless services for work and need to expense their parking payments. We can easily help with this and provide the information about when, where and how long they parked. 

Our agents are committed to helping drivers, and for me it is great to see them supporting people across the UK, either by solving mobile payment matters, or by guiding them to the right place, such as our local authority and private parking clients, with whom we have very good, strong relationships. 

Honestly, there really isn’t a quiet moment in the centre, which is why I need to sign off now! Lots of people still to help today! 

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