London, UK, and Vancouver, BC – 23 April 2015: PayByPhone, which allows drivers to use an innovative mobile payment app for parking, is one of the first apps to launch on Apple Watch, bringing the power of technology to life.

In today's world of constant connectivity, smartphone – and increasingly wearable – apps are enriching consumers' lives with easy-to-use, cash-free solutions, which help them plan their time, find things to do, and also, park their cars.

The new PayByPhone app uses the Glances feature on the face of Apple Watch to subtly display how much time is left in drivers' parking sessions at any given moment. What's more, drivers can instantly extend the parking time without running back to their cars or worrying yet again about finding the exact change.

“What excites us about Apple Watch is the idea that time means different things to people based on what they are doing,” said Kush Parikh, President of PayByPhone Global, a PayPoint plc company. “PayByPhone on Apple Watch allows you to personalize time as it relates to you, and gives meaningful time back to your day.”

PayByPhone has close to 10 million users globally paying for parking, bike hire, taxis or parking permits in over 300 locations worldwide, including San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Vancouver, London, Paris and the Melbourne area in Australia. On average, it signs up almost 145,000 new users each month and processes over 70,000 transactions per day.

In the United States, PayByPhone has been used for more than 17 million payment transactions in the past 12 months and signs up on average almost 3,000 new users per day. The app has a four-star customer rating on iTunes.

Digital services, like PayByPhone's mobile parking payment app, cater to an increasingly connected culture and can provide cities with impressive cost savings. Cities can save on new meter hardware, maintenance and data charges, and also can avoid the high cost of cash collection. For drivers, by leveraging mobile parking technology they can better manage their parking time and have an easier, less stressful payment experience.

“PayByPhone brings the whole parking experience down to its core essence – how do I avoid a ticket, how much time do I have left, and how do I stay longer if I need to. We conveniently place this information on your mobile screen, and now, thanks to Apple Watch, discreetly on your wrist,” said Parikh. “This vision of using technology to make life simpler is one we share with Apple. We're working with some of the world's most innovative, connected cities on integrating parking with public transport and other services, and our new app sits at the heart of our vision.”

PayByPhone's app for Apple Watch will be available via the Apple App Store beginning on April 25th. Existing customers will need to download the updated app on their smartphone in order to unlock Apple Watch functionality. PayByPhone is free to download and consumers must complete a one-off registration process.