26 July 2021 – PayByPhone, a global leader in mobile parking payments, has teamed up with Gardners, a leading UK-based print manufacturer, to create ‘pollution eating’ signage for its multi-award-winning environmental initiative, Meters for Trees. The new posters and stickers will use ReActivair, a revolutionary coating technology that reduces harmful NOx pollutants in the air.

Anthony Cashel, Marketing and Operations Director for PayByPhone UK, says, “We are very excited to have created truly green signage for Meters for Trees thanks to the ReActivair technology. We launched Meters for Trees in 2019 to help our clients reduce carbon emissions and meet their environmental goals by removing their parking machines in favour of our cashless parking payment technology. This new pollution-eating signage takes Meters for Trees to another level by further improving air quality in the communities in which we work.”  

ReActivair’s coating is made of naturally occurring minerals and purifies air by using energy from sunlight to breakdown harmful pollutants and odour molecules. It also keeps the printed surfaces of the stickers and posters cleaner for longer.

James Morris, Sales Director for Gardners, says, “We’re proud to be supporting PayByPhone as it works to help reduce carbon emissions and pollution through its pioneering Meters for Trees programme. Despite seeing improvements in air quality in the early stages of lockdown, we now know that it is returning to pre-pandemic levels, especially in busy city centres. Car parking locations are ideal for ReActivair as just one square meter can take about 2g of NOx out of the air every day.”

The new Meters for Trees signage using ReActivair technology will be rolled out for new installations from July 2021. The signage will have the ReActivair logo and an information banner explaining how it works and what it does.

To find out more about Meters for Trees, please visit www.metersfortrees.co.uk, and to find out more about ReActivair, visit www.gardners.co.uk/reactivair

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PayByPhone, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, is one of the fastest growing mobile payments companies in the world, processing more than £430 million in payments annually. Through the company's mobile web, smartphone and smartwatch applications, PayByPhone helps millions of consumers easily, securely and safely pay for parking without the hassles of waiting in line, having to carry change or risking costly fines. Registration is quick and easy, and the app reminds the user when their parking is about to expire, allowing them to top up from anywhere, at any time. In a commitment to the environment, PayByPhone became Carbon Neutral in the UK in 2019, then achieved Carbon Neutral Plus status in 2020, and was certified Carbon Reduced in 2021.