A Corporate Account is perfect for organisations with fleets of vehicles that need to park groups of employees on the go. Using a corporate account, many users (and vehicles) can now be associated and billed through a single account providing your company with easier management and better control of transportation-related costs.

How does my company register?

To register, an administrator creates a PayByPhone corporate account at https://www.verrus.com/CorporateAccounts/login.aspx  

Required information to create the account include a credit card, a list of license plates and also a list of employees (name, phone number and email address).  

See our article on how to setup a corporate account here

How do employees begin using the service?

Once each employee is set up, they can call the automated line (IVR) and input a location code, duration and select their vehicle from the list of plates. All users have access to all vehicles; during the first call, the user selects a license plate to park with.

Once this plate is selected, the system will default to the selected plate on all the subsequent calls.  We send a welcome email to each user with some basic information; including a unique PIN.

The account administrator has access to reports that detail usage and break down activity by user.

To get started or to login click here

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