London Borough of Haringey saved £100,000 in upgrade costs and a further £180,000 in maintenance and cash collection


On 15th October 2017, the old round £1 coin that had been first introduced in 1983 ceased to be legal tender and was replaced by a new 12-sided coin that is less susceptible to forgery. Due to the change in the physical properties of this new coin, vending machines across the country were required to be upgraded before this date.

The average cost of upgrading a Pay & Display machine is around £220 and so for Haringey Council who have 450 Pay & Display machines across the borough, they were looking at an expenditure of approximately £100,000 for this project.

When Haringey Council then considered the other factors related to traditional pay and display parking, such as machine maintenance, vandalism and cash collection, they decided this was the perfect opportunity to look for other solutions.

It can be difficult to say goodbye to familiar systems like pay and display, but PayByPhone is more convenient for regular drivers and  safer – especially after dark.

But perhaps the most important aspect for Haringey taxpayers is that by ‘switching off’ the pay and display machines, we are making annual savings of several thousand pounds per machine that would otherwise be spent in terms of replacement, upgrading, cash collection and other servicing and resource costs.

Greville Percival 
Front Line Consultation, London Borough of Haringey 

A Progressive Future-Proof Solution

It was agreed between Haringey Council and PayByPhone that the most progressive and future-proof solution would be to remove all the Pay and Display machines and to go completely cashless across the borough. 
This was an enticing idea for all parties as it not only completely removed all the associated maintenance and upkeep costs, but also protected Haringey Council from any future coin changes, vandalism and with 1 in every 30 pound coins being counterfeit, also protected them from counterfeit money.

All parties were confident that with existing levels of customer satisfaction at 60% PayByPhone could offer the public a much higher level of customer experience than was being delivered by the current Pay & Display machines.

Marketing is Key

Communicating to residents and visitors about these changes was obviously of huge importance to ensure the project ran smoothly with no negative feedback. Haringey had already sent out a first notification in early July and this was followed up in conjunction with PayByPhone by a multimedia campaign including: 

  • Full back page advert in the Haringey People in November
  • On street advertising locations
  • Subsequent article in the December issue of Parking Review
  • Update to the Haringey Council website
  • Bulletins and window posters were sent to all PayPoint stores allowing them to advertise their ability to process cash parking payments.

PayPoint Provides Solution for Cash

Through our longstanding history with PayPoint, PayByPhone already had access to a cash solution whereby residents and visitors can pay for their parking in cash at any of the local PayPoint stores. This ability was agreed to be rolled out across Haringey and involved the activation of 124 stores throughout the borough. 

The PayPoint integration is a unique proposition offered in partnership with PayByPhone to deliver on-street cash payments whilst at the same time promoting local businesses by driving footfall to PayPoint outlets (usually local convenience stores) who then have the opportunity to cross sell other products.


100% - Percentage of London Borough of Haringey Parking Transactions via PayByPhone solutions

103,618 - Average monthly PayByPhone Transactions

London Borough of Haringey is now Fully Cashless

  • PayByPhone & PayPoint are now able to process transactions in 484 Locations across the borough (increase of 124 locations)
  • PayByPhone accounts for 103,618 transactions a month (an increase of 60%)
  • 100% of the borough’s parking is processed by PayByPhone solutions (100% increase)
  • Saving of £180,000 with the removal of any need to maintain or to collect cash from their network of Pay & Display Machines
  • Environmentally-friendly solution with the removal of any requirement for cash collectors to drive around the borough
  • All threats of theft & vandalism have been removed saving both Haringey Council and the Metropolitan Police time and money


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