Location name On/ Off Street  Location Number
Bell Road Car Park Off 802999
Montague West Car Park Off 803000
Kingsley Road Car Park Off 803001
Prince Regent Road Car Park Off 803002
Bethany Waye Car Park, Feltham Off 803003
Montague East Car Park Off 803004
Albany Parade Car Park, Feltham Off 803005
Welstead Way Car Park, Brentford Off 803006
Chiswick Common Road Car Park, Chiswick Off 803007
Chiswick Town Hall Car Park, Chiswick Off 803008
Bridge House Car Park (Hanworth Road), Feltham Off 803009
Wisdom Court Car Park, Isleworth Off 803010
Chiswick Inner Core, Chiswick On 803011
Hounslow West Meters On 803012
Brentford Inner Core, Brentford On 803013
Hounslow North Meters On 803014
East Chiswick Meters, Chiswick On 803015
Hounslow West P&D On 803016
Brentford North, Brentford On 803017
Capital Interchange Way P&D, Brentford On 803018
Brentford Station P&D, Brentford On 803019
Hatton Green P&D, Brentford On 803020
Spring Grove P&D, Brentford On 803021
Osterley Station P&D, Brentford On 803022
Hounslow North P&D On 803023
Stirling Grove On 803024
East Chiswick P&D, Chiswick On 803025
East Chiswick 1 P&D, Chiswick On 803026
Hounslow South Meters On 803027
Hounslow North Shoppers On 803028
Boston Manor, Brentford On 803029
Chiswick Inner Core Shoppers On 803030
Kingsley Academy, Hounslow On 803031
Bath Road, Hounslow West On 803032
East Chiswick 1 Meters, Chiswick On 803033
North Feltham Trading Estate, Feltham On 803034
Mid Chiswick P&D, Chiswick On 803036
Central Chiswick On 803037
Staines Road On 803038
Vicarage Farm Road Meters, Isleworth On 803039
London Road Meters, Isleworth On 803040
Bedford Park P&D, Chiswick On 803041
High Street, Feltham On 803042
Chiswick Mall P&D, Chiswick On 803043
South Street & Twickenham Road, Isleworth On 803044
West Chiswick P&D, Chiswick On 803045
Gunnersbury Park P&D, Chiswick On 803046
Central Chiswick, Chiswick On 803047
Chiswick Station CPZ, Chiswick On 803048
Brentford Exemplar On 803049
The Butts, Brentford On 803050
Riverview CPZ, Brentford On 803051
Brook Road South Area On 803052
Grove Park CPZ Extension On 803053
Tilley Road Area CPZ, Brentford On 803054
Haverfields/Brentford Towers Area CPZ, Brentford On 803055
Thornbury Avenue, Isleworth On 803056
Spencer Road, Isleworth On 803057
Kings Road CPZ, Feltham On 803058
Strand-On-The-Green, Brentford On 803059
Eversley Crescent, Brentford On 803060
Witham Road, Brentford On 803061
The Ham, Brentford West On 803062
Linkfield Road, Isleworth On 803063
Vicarage Farm Road P&D 2, Isleworth On 803064
Chiswick House & Gardens Car Park Off 803065
Fauconberg Road On 803066
Teesdale Gardens On 803067
Lionel Road North On 803068
Layton Road, Brentford On 803069
Windmill Road Car Park, Brentford Off 803070
Redlees Park, Isleworth Off 803073
North Street, Isleworth On 803074
Wood Lane, Isleworth On 803075
Hanworth Leisure Centre, Feltham Off 803076
Heston Leisure Village, Hounslow Off 803077
Isleworth Leisure Centre, Isleworth Off 803078
Marlborough Road, Isleworth On 803079
St Mary's Crescent / Jersey Road, Isleworth On 803080
Hounslow Avenue On 803081
Mill Way / River Gardens, Feltham On 803082
Osborne Road On 803083
Hounslow West Shoppers On 803084
Spring Grove Road SG On 803087

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