Location Code On/Off Street Location Name
803754 Beckenham Place Park Off  
803755 Blackheath Grove Car Pk Off  
803756 Canadia Avenue Lorry Park Off  
803757 Clarendon Rise Car Park Off  
803759 Girton Road Car Park Off  
803760 Holbeach Road Car Park Off  
803761 Molesworth Street Car Park Off  
803762 Pearcefield Avenue Car Park Off  
803763 Perry Vale Car Park Off  
803764 Slaithwaite Road Car Park Off  
803765 Thomas Lane Car Park Off  
803766 Vanguard Street Car ParK Off  
804062 Canadian Avenue Car Park Off  
803767 Rushey Green West Zone On-Street  On  
803769 Elverson Road & Leathwell Road Zone On-Street On  
803770 Hither Green Zone On-Street On  
803771 Canadian Avenue Zone On-Street On  
803772 Catford Station Zone On-Street On  
803773 Rushey Green East Zone On-Street On  
803774 Lee Green Zone On-Street On  
803775 Ladywell West Zone On-Street On  
803776 Barmeston Road Zone On-Street On  
803777 Manor House Zone On-Street On  
803778 Davids Road Zone On-Street On  
803779 Bankwell Road & Old Road Zone On-Street On  
803780 Hither Green East Zone On-Street On  
803781 Rushey Green South Zone On-Street On  
803783 Ladywell Zone On-Street On  
803785 Blackheath On-street  On  
803786 Brockley Rise Shopping Parade On  
803787 Lewisham On Street On  
803788 Deptford South On  
804484 Hither Green Zone On-Street On  
804486 Ladywell Zone On-Street On  
804487 Rushey Green West Zone On-Street  On  
804489 Barmeston Road On  
804490 Holme Lacey Road On  
804491 Staplehurst Road On  
804492 Vicars Hill On  
804493 Manor Lane On  


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