Verrus Service Expands to West Berkshire Council

Verrus Service Expands to West Berkshire Council

Hot on the heels of its success with the award of the contract for Barnet Council,  mobile phone payment provider, Verrus UK Ltd, has recently been awarded a further contract with West Berkshire Council to implement the service in early April 2009 across all of  West Berkshire’s off street car parks.

The Verrus service in West Berks is replacing a previous system which still required the motorist to obtain a ticket from the pay and display machine and did not offer the known benefits of the Verrus service such as text reminders and the ability to add more time remotely. West Berks has also followed the example of Westminster City Council and is  paying  the service charge on behalf of the motorist making it an easy and simply choice over payment by coins in the pay and display machines.

The West Berks scheme also marks the first introduction in the UK of a pay by phone service that is integrated with a pay on foot system. WPS UK Ltd’s BC200 system is already installed in Newbury’s Kennet Centre, Northbrook and Central car parks and the ability to pay by phone will be yet a further payment choice for motorists who can already pay by cash, notes or credit cards at the pay stations.  Motorists will call a local rate number to park and pay in both pay and display or barrier controlled car parks.

Commenting on the new service, Martyn Baker, parking services manager for West Berks said “ We want to  offer the motorist as much choice as possible  in the ways that they can pay to park. The introduction of the Verrus service across all of our car parks including the pay on foot locations gives the motorist real choice in how they can pay whilst providing added financial benefits to the council in the current financial climate”



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