On/Off Street

Location Name

Location Code

Off Berwick Railway Station 804131
Off Morpeth Railway Station 804132
Off Coopies Lane West 804133
Off Links Road 804134
Off Beadnell 804135
Off Newton Steads 804136
Off Low Newton 804137
Off Craster Quarry 804138
Off Green Lane 804139
Off Chare Ends 804140
Off Station Yard 804141
On Hill Street 804142
On St Helens Street 804143
On Front Street 804144
On Watling Street 804145
On Princess Street 804146
On Main Street 804147
On Well Bank 804148
Off Wentworth Coaches Only 804149
Off Druridge Bay (Visitor Centre) 804150
Off Bolam Lake (Boathouse Car Park) 804151
Off Plessey Woods (Main Car Park) 804152
Off Station Yard Coaches 804256
Off Links Road Coaches 804257


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